What it’s Like to Live in Mexico’s Most Exclusive Community

What it’s Like to Live in Mexico’s Most Exclusive Community

A gated community like no other, Punta Mita outshines the competition in terms of luxury and exclusivity. Find out why everyone wants to live in Punta Mita, and what it’s like behind the gates.

Punta Mita is one of, if not the, most exclusive and luxurious gated communities in all of Mexico, and arguably, the world. Located in the state of Nayarit, Punta Mita sits on 1500 acres and is considered to be both a resort and residential community. With resorts like the Four Seasons and St. Regis inside the gates, and residential beachfront villas and condos, there’s a reason why Punta Mita Real Estate is in high demand. Everyone wants a piece of this paradise, and the lack of inventory underscores the pure exclusivity and desire to be a part of this community. Being a resident in Punta Mita is a simply unparalleled experience. You’re probably thinking, what is all the hype about, what is it really like to live in Punta Mita? What can one expect when buying a property in this one-of-a-kind gated development? Let’s take a look behind the gates at what Punta Mita has to offer – from amenities, security, location, and more!

Punta Mita’s amenities are top tier; it simply doesn’t get better than this. For starters, the two Jack Nicklaus golf courses are world renowned, and offer golfers of every level a unique experience. Just take a look at the tail of the whale hole, only available to golfers during low tide. Golfing at the tale of the whale, a hole that is submerged into the pacific, truly creates a golfing experience of being at one with your surroundings.

Aside from Golf, Punta Mita has numerous beach clubs that each offer luxury, comfort, and of course, delicious dining. Of the four beach clubs, there is Kupuri, Pacifico, Sufi, and Sea Breeze. Each club has their own unique views, for instance while Kupuri looks out over Litibu Bay, Sufi Ocean Club has an absolutely breathtaking view of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta. Each club is only open to residents and guests, ensuring a certain expectation of sophistication amongst guests. Imagine waking up in your luxury villa, heading down to the beach club of your choice and starting your day with a fresh squeezed juices while overlooking the Banderas Bay, feeling the warm sand underneath your toes. This is life in Punta Mita.

Walking paths, or recreational trail as they are referred to, are also a favorite amenity in Punta Mita. Whether you are going for your morning run, taking your beloved pet for a walk, doing a sunset stroll, or taking your bike for a spin, these well-lit and well paved walking paths take you through the relaxing and grounding nature of Punta Mita.

Dozens of events happen in the community year round, most of which are only available to residents and their guests. Other fun and exciting amenities, like shops, tennis courts, fitness center, and so much more are just waiting to be explored by you!

Another important note about the Punta Mita community is security. Punta Mita is one of the safest communities in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico. Residents and visitors alike can rest assured that the security is absolutely top notch in Punta Mita. Without proper credentials and property ownership, nobody can get past the gates unless there is explicit permission from the property owners themselves. It is because of this level of security and excellent execution of this security that Punta Mita homeowners feel 100% at ease and safe in this community.

Located 45 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, Punta Mita is a perfect place for those looking to be close to all of the action yet tucked away in a secure and private community surrounded by nothing but nature. The quiet community of Punta Mita is what brings folks back time and time again, whether they are regular vacationers or homeowners. There is simply no lifestyle like the Punta Mita lifestyle, where luxury and comfort dovetail to create the experience of a lifetime. Why not wake up to this unique sense of peace and harmony every morning and experience paradise the way it is meant to be experienced?

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